Thursday, September 29, 2011

Apples, Apples and More Apples

I love apples! I don't even think I can pick a favorite kind. It is probably a good thing I live in The Apple Capital of the World! I remember as a child picking apples off of the trees in our front yard and making applesauce. I don't remember it being hard, so why have I never made it before? Plus with my new fruit strainer attachment I should be able to crank out a lot of sauce. I picked up a 25+ pound box at a local fruit stand thinking it would make about 12 quarts. Boy was I wrong! But it only took be about an hour to make 7 quarts. I think this weekend I will make another batch.

I used a mix of apples. Fuji, galas, golden delicious and honeycrisp. I sliced them with one of those handy apple corer and slicers. Put them in a pot with about 2 cups of water, a little lemon juice and let them cook. I think next time instead of water I will use apple juice or cider. When they were nice and tender I ran them through the fruit strainer.

With the first batch I added 2 vanilla beans and after running them through the strainer I added a little bit of brown sugar. It turned out great. Just a slight vanilla taste. The second batch was a more traditional sauce. A little cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar. It tastes so much better then the store bought applesauce. Especially warm. My son and I shared a little bowl. I don't know who liked it more.

Any suggestions on different kinds of applesauce? Cranberry applesauce, candied ginger applesauce or maybe red hots applesauce?

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