Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Roasted Chicken with a Honey Lemon Apple Glaze

For a month now I have been re-reading a recipe for Honey Lemon Apple Jam.  It sounded wonderful.  For the jam I used honey crisp apples and added a little less sugar and a little more honey.  It turned out tasting great.  I would have liked it to be a little more jammy, next time I will let it cook down a little bit more or add another packet of liquid pectin.  BTW, I am beginning to hate liquid pectin.  Every time I use it the consistency of the jam is not jammy enough.  If anyone knows a conversion from the liquid to powered please let me know.  When I use the powdered pectin things always turn out the way I wanted them to. 

Anyways, this jam will be great on toast or with cheese and crackers.  But the main reason I made it is to use it as a glaze for chicken or pork.  So that night for dinner roasted chicken with a honey lemon apple glaze.  I bought a whole chicken at the store, but you could use pieces.  On a side not when buying a whole chicken.  Make sure it is thawed before you try to use it.  I have had several incidences where I get the chicken out of the fridge and unwrap to realize it is still half frozen.  I rinse my chicken and pat it dry.  Cover with salt, pepper, garlic powder and onion powder.  I also stuffed the inside of the chicken with the lemons I had zested earlier for the jam.  Cover with foil and roast at 375 or 400 for 45 minutes.  Then uncover and baste with the honey lemon apple jam.  I basted 4 times.  Cook until the chickens internal temperature is 165 degrees about another 45 minutes..  Let it rest for 10 minutes and enjoy.  With our chicken we had roasted red potatoes and salad.  What a great Sunday night dinner!!!

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